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The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Queen of the Ocean
30 July 1982
External Services:
  • violetfishy@livejournal.com
Violetfishy is -
+ used to be in fandom, now more a lurker
+ wearing sparkly shoes
+ not really a fish

About -
+ I'll let you know when I figure that out

Currently -
+ Reading - The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf
+ Playing - Mario Kart: Double Dash (Gamecube)
+ Watching - The Simpsons

Friending -
+ You don't need to ask, but leave comment so I know!
+ If you defriend me, I won't be offended. Interests change.

Bart Allen mood theme by poisonivory

"beat" takeshi, acrylic paint, adam warren, adobe, arrogance, art galleries, baking cakes, batgirl, battle angel alita, battle royale, being near water, being obsessive, bjork, boards of canada, bringing down the patriarchy, bruce timm, chris morris, comic book wednesdays, damion scott, dancing frantically, doctor manhattan, doodling at work, drinking blue wkd, egyptology, el-p, fearsome sea monsters, feeling the love, feminism, flinging starbolts, gail simone, gamecube, gaming my thumbs off, godspeed you black emperor, good times..., guro, harry potter, haruki murakami, hokkaido highway blues, hokusai, ibn battuta, imagining, isketch skillz, japan, jedi mind tricks, jellyfish, johnny cash, juggling fruit, jurassic 5, justice league, kicking your ass, kronos quartet, laughing at smallville, libdems, logo design, lord ilpalazzo, magical drama queens, manga, mario kart, mean-looking keyblades, mischief and hijinks, movie snobbery, museums, nightmares on wax, nintendo, operation echo *wink*, pirate ships, playing with fire, postal service, psyduck, radical ideologies, reading epic fanfics, recreational drugs, sailing ships, savvy?, scruffy blonde boys, seeing something beautiful, seeing the silver lining, sleeping late, smoking golden virginia, sound effects, spirited away, stomping on downtown tokyo, sunshine, superboy's tshirt, sweet black coffee, taking laser quest srsly, taunting my cat, ted naifeh, teen titans, teenage sidekicks, terrible tv shows, tesco pasta snacks, the simpsons, tori amos, travelling solo, ugly duckling, watching cartoons, where's the rum gone?, xbox360, zelda